Bogotá’s best bean? Bourbon Coffee Roasters

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Sampling the brews at Bourbon Coffee Roasters

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of U.S. chains popping up around Bogotá…while they all irritate me just a little bit I suppose the most offensive is Starbucks.  Now, I don’t have a problem with Starbucks per se. The problem is more that I live in a country producing some of the best coffee in the world and therefore am expecting something a little more well, crafted.  I mentioned before that since the best of the best coffee is exported, you have to be a little intentional about seeking out a good place.  Luckily for us, Bogotá has a few really good shops that are able to get local beans and roast them in small batches.  The best we’ve found so far is Bourbon Coffee Roasters.

What they have in stock depends on what’s available, so each bag comes stamped with the region, type of bean, flavor notes and roast date.  We so frequently buy bags to take to the U.S. for people that they’ve started giving me a free latte when I go in…can you do that, big chains?!  Besides the small batches and excellent quality, I also have to say that I especially love this place because it was first recommended to me by Colombian friends, which in my mind makes it better than if another expat or the English language newspaper I read told me about it.  Even better, a one pound bag will cost you about eight bucks, which is less than Juan Valdez (the local joint, which is still decent).

It’s no joke that they do their roasting in house–their setup is right in the store.

Coffee bags

There are several options for brewing and the baristas are really knowledgable–they’ll tell you what’s best based on how strong you like it and how the flavor of the roast can vary depending on the method.  Come on, how can you argue with french press for $2.20?


Lastly, they have a pretty decent menu of sandwiches and snacks and a lovely patio.  Cody and I spent a few of our first weekends in Bogotá here studying Spanish and talking about how lucky we were :-)


Bourbon has a Facebook page which you can view in Spanish here.  If you happen to be in Bogotá, their shop is located at Calle 70A and Carrera 13.

6 thoughts on “Bogotá’s best bean? Bourbon Coffee Roasters

  1. Reason #597 to visit! I wonder if Starbucks in Colombia is different, like how you can get French items at McDonald’s in Paris.

    1. This is true! Practically all of the food items there are things typical to Colombia (like arepas and bunuelos).

      1. Hi Danielle! Just chanced on your nice article while sending a contact of mine some info on my friends at Bourbon Coffee Roasters. I’m Anglo-Italian from London and been living in Bogotá for 2yrs. Would be great to connect with you via my Colombia Coffee Club on Facebook or Instagram.

        1. Hello, Tommaso! Oh, how I miss that place! Of course, I’ll pop over and check out your page. Cheers :-)

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