Five big dumb myths about travel

travel myths

One of my 2018 goals is to be more active in the blogging world, part of which is spending more time reading and commenting on other blogs. I love seeing people’s adventures as well as their struggles. It makes me feel normal and part of a community. But also, it’s been an opportunity to roll my eyes about a million times a day because the internet is a petri dish of opinions.

After scrolling through post after post, I’m wondering how all of this comes across to those who aren’t dying to travel. From a different perspective, those wanderlust-y memes can send passive-aggressive messages that if you don’t drop everything to travel, you must not care about having an open mind or understanding the world. Some blogs are more blatant with their “this is the only way to live” snobbery or worse, perpetuate ideas about travel that are exclusive and elitist.

Newsflash: babies and “roots” don’t mean you can’t travel, as shown by the millions of blogs written by traveling families.

I’ve always been vocal about how much I love living abroad and now that I think about it, if I swap life abroad for travel, I’m certain I’ve stepped on toes in the past. If that’s the case I need to say I’m sorry, full stop. Because whether it’s wandering the globe for a year or camping close to home, there’s room for everyone to do as they please.

I love traveling but today, after being crazy frustrated with every blog saying how great travel is and the million reasons why we all have to do it, I want to talk about the ridiculousness of some of these travel myths.

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Expat resources—for Bogotá and beyond


Last month No Longer Native was featured on two different websites, which is a huge deal for a lil blog like mine! Making the experience even better was the fact that both were incredibly helpful to me in my first months in Bogotá. So, I’d like to give them a shoutout and make sure that all you Bogotanos know where to get the good details.

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Year in Review – A look back from Bogotá


For us, moving abroad was just a thought for a long time.  Well, at first it was just the idea of an around the world trip; unfortunately, we couldn’t get around the whole “quitting a great job” thing.  It became apparent that this was the direction our life was meant to go once we stuck a toe out there—all the pieces rapidly tumbled into place.

That was a year ago and now I’m peeking over my shoulder at the road behind me with a great sense of accomplishment and contentment.  With this anniversary passing, I’ve been thinking about all of the lofty goals and idealistic intentions we had when setting out on this little adventure.  So…where are we?

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Expat advice: How living abroad has changed me

I can’t adequately describe the fear that was quietly winding around my feet during the couple of years before our move.  It was this strange new awareness of myself in relation to everyone around me—I was worried about pleasing others, about fitting in, and that there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t chomping at the bit to have children.  Well guess what everyone, moving to another country is like stepping into an empty auditorium…the outside chatter just disappears.  Not working and having an open forum such as this one has given me a special opportunity to get to know myself and stop being so preoccupied with what others think.

As I mentioned in last week’s post I just spent a couple of weeks in the U.S. and can’t deny that I was feeling a little reflective the whole time…seeing your high school hometown and life long friends will do that to a gal!  Ten months in, I am just now feeling like Bogotá is home; this past visit provided a fresh perspective to see how I’ve changed over these months.  In addition, Cody sent me this article, “Four Ways Living Abroad Changes You…Forever,” which has also been on my mind the past couple of weeks.  Although I think the author’s tone is a bit aggressive, I for the most part agree with his statements that living outside your native country changes you in fundamental ways: things that were important no longer hold the same value and that whether you intend it or not, your idea of yourself will evolve.  I can’t deny that I feel I’ve been changed by this experience—and I think for the better.  Below I’ve fleshed out some of the things that were lingering in the back of my mind during my visit…

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Hello from Bogotá!

Good grief everyone has a blog…Lots of people live outside the U.S… Our point of view isn’t unique…

These were my arguments to Cody each time he would bring up blogging these past six months. I was reluctant because I didn’t see how we would be different from the hundreds of other expat blogs out there. In case you didn’t notice, I, Danielle, am the realist (ok, the pessimist) and Cody is the visionary/dreamer/origin of every idea.

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