Recommended Read: Knocked Up Abroad

Knocked up Abroad - Lisa Ferland

Mother’s Day is just a quick three months away and here just in time is Knocked Up Abroad—an anthology of 23 stories, each giving you a glimpse of all stages of gestation from the viewpoint of parents all over the world. The one thing tying them all together? Each story is from a family navigating pregnancy and birth outside their home culture.

Knocked up Abroad isn’t just for pregnant expats, it’s a book for anyone wading through life in a foreign country, with an intercultural marriage, or who loves travel. There is a thread of universal truth to be found in each of these personal stories.

I don’t have a baby and I won’t be joining the mommy club anytime soon, but I still found the experiences in this book a breath of fresh air. As someone who is comforted by the mere thought of other people muddling through similar bewildering situations, I found myself nodding at what I’m coming to see are ubiquitous expat headaches: frustrations of bureaucracy (because each country seems to have a quirk that makes it horrifyingly different), things getting lost in translation, or the scramble to buy the last obscure ingredient you just heard was in the foreign food aisle at the grocery store. And unfortunately, reading about the goodbyes, the stress of packing and uncertainties of a new culture was a reminder of what I’m about to face with our move coming up in just a few months.

If you’d like to know more, Lisa Ferland—who compiled these stories and contributed her experience to the collection as well—has a blog that is a lovely mix of parenting and expat posts. If you’re looking to purchase Knocked Up Abroad, it’s available as both an ebook and paperback.

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