No Longer Native is moving…kind of

I’ve mentioned here and there over the past six months that our assignment is drawing to a close and because that time is here, I’ve spent the past week wrapping up things in our Bogotá apartment, saying goodbye to friends and trying to soak up my last moments in this lovely city.

I know I haven’t yet mentioned where we’re going, so I’m thrilled to say that this afternoon I’ll be heading to Madrid, Spain!

This is a temporary jaunt (it’s a three-month assignment) so we’re still waiting for news on a more permanent location. Nonetheless, we’re excited for a new adventure and for a summer exploring not only Spain but Europe as well!

Looking forward to living in the land of ham

4 thoughts on “No Longer Native is moving…kind of

    1. Hi Dan, that is awesome, we’d love to meet up again! So far we’re here until mid-August. Please shoot me an email if you know your exact dates and we can make a plan :-)

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