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Anyone who’s had a blog can tell you that it’s hard to make a name for yourself on the internet—there are so many different options and it’s hard to get noticed in a list of one million results. It takes a long time to grow readership and get your name out there, which is why it’s so exciting for me to share the two little blurbs below.

Firstly, I’m happy to announce that No Longer Native was chosen to the featured blog for the month of April on I mentioned this particular site on a few different occasions, especially the fact that they offer many helpful resources for those contemplating a move abroad. Click here to visit their page and see my interview.

The second mention was a total surprise and involves the local news website, El Civico. A few days ago I was noticing lots of comments from new readers—this happens occasionally but to have several new comments on one post is unusual. I skip over to my site stats and see that over the past few days my daily page views have been way higher than normal. It turns out, the source of all that traffic was that a recent post from NoLongerNative—about what to wear in Bogotá—and had been featured in the tourism section of their website (check out the article here).

It was a great surprise and a compliment to know that other people have been reading No Longer Native and found something to share!

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