Hello from Bogotá!

Good grief everyone has a blog…Lots of people live outside the U.S… Our point of view isn’t unique…

These were my arguments to Cody each time he would bring up blogging these past six months. I was reluctant because I didn’t see how we would be different from the hundreds of other expat blogs out there. In case you didn’t notice, I, Danielle, am the realist (ok, the pessimist) and Cody is the visionary/dreamer/origin of every idea.

But I realized that Cody had a point—we do have a unique view because our experience was ours alone. Of course, there will be a bit of overlap between ourselves and others who’ve moved to a foreign country but as we thought back over our first six months here, I realized that we had been through a lot. I agreed with him that, even if only for ourselves, it would be cool to keep an inventory of our lives.

So, dear reader, would you like to know how we got to Bogotá? I’m not sure when it happened, but there was a day when an occasional trip wasn’t enough for us. Cody can chime in on this later, but I don’t think he’s the kind of person who can do a 9-5 if there isn’t something spectacular waiting for him outside the office doors.

We began talking about taking six months or a year to do an ‘around the world’ trip. As we talked (and talked and talked) it became apparent that a six-month break wouldn’t be enough. Around August last year Cody and I had a discussion about needing to get the ball rolling and made an agreement that if something wasn’t happening by February, we had to shelve the whole idea for a bit. As the planner, I couldn’t just talk about it anymore.

Cody’s company was investing internationally and he knew there was a possibility there. And since he was not looking to leave the company it was a perfect opportunity. By January he was interviewing with the new business and I was visiting the city. We were moved out of our San Diego home in April and settling into our new apartment in Bogotá in May.

We’re really excited to share our experience with you—what it has been like for me, the unemployed partner, to try and find my way or what it is like for Cody to transform a business while facing a language and cultural barrier, all the while getting to know an amazingly multifaceted country who is rising up out of decades of conflict and really coming into its own.  Thanks for joining us!

Just taking in a world cup game...
Just watching the world cup in the park…