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Last month No Longer Native was featured on two different websites, which is a huge deal for a lil blog like mine! Making the experience even better was the fact that both were incredibly helpful to me in my first months in Bogotá. So, I’d like to give them a shoutout and make sure that all you Bogotanos know where to get the good details.


Internations.org is one part general expat advice, one part Facebook and one part guide to your new city…basically, it’s the perfect information source for anyone moving to one of the bigger cities on planet earth. I’ve referenced their articles multiple times on the blog, especially when I was discovering the source of my three month slump (i.e. culture shock) and each time I talk about how much your new city will be a factor in your ease of settling in.  Cody and I have been to happy hours and brunches organized through Internations and met all kinds of interesting folks—I’d highly recommend that expats trying to meet people in a new city join and check out what they have to offer near you.

In addition to general expat tips and opportunities to meet people once you’ve moved, Internations offers profiles of countries as a whole as well as individual cities. Part of each profile is a directory of blogs and I was lucky enough to be one of their featured bloggers for Colombia. You can check out my interview here, and definitely be sure to check out the blogs of my fellow Colombian expats.

Just a note that you do have to request to join Internations in order to see some information and definitely to join a city’s group. Don’t be put off by this—it’s just a way to ensure that users are genuinely interested (and not looking to sell or scam) and keep track of statistics. They’ll send you an email within 24 hours.

How To…Bogotá

Naomi, creator of howtobogota.com, has a knack for knowing and answering all the practical questions everyone has about life in Bogotá. Her blog is one of the best places for practical answers to things like how much she spends on rent and bills and tips to not get scammed by cab drivers. Not only that, her candor when talking about some of the things that she’s found difficult and frustrating when she moved to Colombia was refreshing! No way of life is perfect and it was such a relief to read about someone else struggling to adjust to a drastic change in identity and new way of life.

A previous post from No Longer Native was featured on How To…Bogotá here, but make sure you take a moment to scroll though her other insightful posts.

Lastly, if you’re an expat be sure to check out the Resources page in the under the ‘About’ menu for a few more of my favorite websites for those both in and outside of Bogotá.  And of course, if you have a favorite please share it in the comments!

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  1. Interesting. If I ever actually move to Mexico, I’ll have to join Internations.


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    Where we want to have it both ways. Sadly, can’t.

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