Ciclovía: Holiday Edition

night ciclovia 10

As I mentioned in a previous post, we were really excited to take part in a special night time ciclovía. Each Sunday and national holiday, from 8am-2pm, the city of Bogotá close 121 km of roads to vehicular traffic so that pedestrians, cyclists, and rollerbladers can get out and enjoy the city.  Not only that but the entrepreneurial spirit of the city is in full swing as folks come out to sell fresh juice and snacks.

This past Thursday there was a special ciclovía nocturna, lasting from 6:00 pm to midnight, to fully enjoy Bogotá’s Christmas lights and decorations.

Our original plan was to ride north to Usaquén and loop south to Plaza de Bolívar, leading us past Parque Nacional and some of the biggest light displays in the city. Well. About half of Bogotá’s 8 million citizens had the same idea. Because Usaquén is an easy cab ride away and a cute place to meander at night, we decided to head straight to Parque Nacional, with the idea that if traffic permitted we’d continue on to Plaza de Bolívar. As you’ll see below, we never quite made it to Plaza de Bolívar.

Knowing there would be tons of street vendors we decided to munch our way through the park. The fact that I was starving did not improve my feelings about the fact that it took about twice as long to get there and was SO crowded. After our first stop—beers for about $1 each—things were looking up and I was ready to share in the excitement of the crowd.

Keep scrolling for a few snaps of our nighttime ride.

ciclovia bogota
The slow ride south…
night ciclovia 7
Church on Avenida Chile
The lights (and crowd!) in Parque Nacional
The lights in Parque Nacional

night ciclovia 9

ciclovia bogota
Please note the strangely miniature carnival rides on the right!

2 thoughts on “Ciclovía: Holiday Edition

  1. What beautiful pictures of the lights! It’s tough to get good nighttime photos like that. I love this post, because it’s like I can go through the experience with you. And thank goodness for $1 beers!

    Were the carnival rides functioning?

    1. I’ll tell Cody you liked the pics–I point, he shoots :-)

      As for the carnival rides, that was the amazing thing–there were adults riding them! I was wondering how no one was getting sick because they did not look fun…

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