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Continuing with things we love about Bogotá, today’s post is about the best restaurant and is probably long overdue.

If you have talked to Cody and me since we’ve moved to Bogotá, Cevichería Central has probably come up in our conversation. If you’ve visited us, either we took you there to eat or—if you aren’t a big fan of fish—I spent a good 15 minutes convincing Cody that it wouldn’t be the best place for dinner. We go there so often that the hostess greets us with the customary kiss hello and the waiters all shake our hands. And I don’t mean to brag, but sometimes we get a free dessert.

We discovered Central during our first week in Bogotá because it was conveniently located near our hotel on the corner of Carrera 13 and Calle 85. It’s modern without being stuffy and while not cheap enough to eat there every day, it isn’t extravagant.

cevicheria central

The biggest draw here is the extensive ceviche menu—there are so many varieties, from traditional (lime, tomato, and avocado) to additions I’ve not seen before, like red curry and coconut milk.

cevicheria central

Not only that but they have several varieties of tiradito, which is like a Peruvian version of sashimi where thin slices of raw fish are fanned on a plate and gently sauced. However, this dish differs from ceviche because the fish is sauced immediately before serving and doesn’t have the time to ‘cook’ in the marinade.

The family favorite has to be the tartare, which is basically like it’s French cousin but with cubes of white fish instead of steak.

The tartare a lo picante (with white fish) is Cody’s favorite

Along with your fish, there are all kinds of side dishes. Our favorites are the ensalada Central (romaine with big chunks of tomato and avocado) and patacones (thick chips made from green plantains).

Now, dessert. I don’t say this lightly, but in my book Central’s banana bread pudding shares a tie for the best dessert in the world. In case you’re curious, the title is shared with Cowboy Star’s chocolate bread pudding (perhaps I have a thing for bread pudding?). As I was saying, the banana bread pudding is one of the most amazing desserts I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting: three slices of moist banana bread, covered with butterscotch sauce and served with vanilla ice cream.  If you live in Bogotá, do yourself a favor and try it because my words don’t do it justice.

central dessert

You can check out their website (Spanish only) here.

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