Hello again from No Longer Native!


Last we spoke Cody and I were headed to Madrid for a few months while he was working on a short-term assignment. The past few months had been so busy and our scheduled time in Spain was so short that I decided to take a break from blogging.

If you thought I spent this summer in Cervecería Alemana, sitting under a picture of Ernest Hemingway and drinking sangria, you wouldn’t exactly be wrong. But I did other things too, including a lot of thinking about where I’m going with No Longer Native.

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A Summer Siesta

Today marks two weeks I’ve been in Madrid and I’m still pinching myself at the gorgeous weather, scenery, food and museums this city has to offer. After catching my breath and settling in, I realized how frantic things have been the past three months!

That said, No Longer Native will be taking a little break over the summer so I can take full advantage of this lovely city. I’ll be back to blogging again in the fall, once we’ve settled somewhere more long term.

Even though I won’t be active on the blog, I’ll never be far from email. So to those of you with questions about Bogotá or expat life in general, don’t hesitate to use the contact form to drop me a line!

Happy summer and see you soon!

NoLongerNative is moving…kind of

I’ve mentioned here and there over the past six months that our assignment is drawing to a close and because that time is here, I’ve spent the past week wrapping up things in our Bogotá apartment, saying goodbye to friends and trying to soak up my last moments in this lovely city.

I know I haven’t yet mentioned where we’re going, so I’m thrilled to say that this afternoon I’ll be heading to Madrid, Spain!

This is a temporary jaunt (it’s a three-month assignment) so we’re still waiting for news on a more permanent location. Nonetheless, we’re excited for a new adventure and for a summer exploring not only Spain but Europe as well!

Looking forward to living in the land of ham

NoLongerNative on the web: Some honorable mentions

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Anyone who’s had a blog can tell you that it’s hard to make a name for yourself on the internet—there are so many different options and it’s hard to get noticed in a list of one million results. It takes a long time to grow readership and get your name out there, which is why it’s so exciting for me to share the two little blurbs below.

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Hello from Bogotá!

Good grief everyone has a blog…Lots of people live outside the U.S… Our point of view isn’t unique…

These were my arguments to Cody each time he would bring up blogging these past six months. I was reluctant because I didn’t see how we would be different from the hundreds of other expat blogs out there. In case you didn’t notice, I, Danielle, am the realist (ok, the pessimist) and Cody is the visionary/dreamer/origin of every idea.

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