When you can’t find it, make it!


In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that you should think ahead and stock up on your ‘must haves’ before your big move. That’s great advice, but what’s a girl to do if you love fresh items like goat cheese, lemons, and french vanilla Coffeemate? I practically hold my breath each week as I walk into the grocery store, hoping that I’ll see mountains of yellow citrus!

I’ve already had to adjust my kitchen habits by learning to use dried beans and make hummus from scratch, so I had a feeling there was something I could do about the creamer…

Before I chat about my findings, I don’t want any comments from coffee purists that I’m polluting an already perfect beverage (do you hear me, T.D.?!).  I will drink black coffee when I take the time to make french press but that is not happening at 6 a.m. on Monday morning. And while I like to cook don’t worry, my focus on this page won’t be turning to this kind of sharing.

Thanks to google, I was able to find a bunch of great looking recipes for homemade coffee creamers. I settled on the recipe below because it was listed on multiple pages and contained only three ingredients.


Vanilla Coffee Creamer:

14 oz can condensed milk

1 3/4 c  whole milk

2 tsp vanilla extract

That’s it, folks!  It was so easy and surprisingly similar to my beloved Coffeemate. And even though condensed milk is a bit more ‘dense’ (sounds better than fattening, no?) than fat-free, sugar-free Coffeemate, it’s much more natural and tastes much richer!

6 thoughts on “When you can’t find it, make it!

  1. This I can relate to. I’ve found myself making my own ricotta cheese, Thai red chili sauce, vegetable broth, and on and on.

    1. Hi Miriam! Wow, that’s incredible! I had no idea you could make your own chili sauce–I’ll have to do some googling… Thank you for reading and commenting :-)

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