Photo Journal: Argentina and Uruguay

One of the things we were looking forward to the most when moving to Bogotá was the ability we would have to travel around South America. And because this blog is one part travel, one part expat experience, and one part everyday life I wanted to share some pictures from our recent trip to Uruguay and Argentina.

Our first couple of days were spent in Montevideo, Uruguay. The architecture, statues, and plazas were all tickling my memory as we walked the city and really reminded me of previous trips to Europe. After seeing a reproduction of Michelangelo’s David and the bronze Romulus and Remus statue, I did some googling and found out that Italians began immigrating to Uruguay in the 1870’s and that some historians figure that about 2/3 of the population has Italian roots. (Turns out, folks from all over Europe immigrated to Argentina as well)

montevideo fountain
Plaza Constitución, Montevideo
montevideo flea market
Flea market
Montevideo Lock Fountain
Fuente de los Candados, Montevideo

Uruguay has this amazing thing called a chivito. It’s a piece of steak covered with cheese, ham, bacon, and a fried egg and is served with salad, fries and potato salad. Believe it or not, the chivito below is for one person (we are sharing!). Thank goodness we ordered that whole pitcher of sangria to wash it down.

Montevideo Chivito

A couple of hours away is Colonia del Sacramento, where we spent another day wandering. lt was so picturesque, we wished we could have stayed another night!

Colonia sidestreet

Colonia Side Street 2

Colonia Plant Car

After a short ferry ride we had several amazing days in Buenos Aires. Cody and I were chatting about how much our travel style has changed since our first trip. Instead of rushing to conquer a list of sites, we were more content to mosey through different neighborhoods and check things out at whim. I believe our only goal was to drink a bottle of wine with dinner each night. Plus, the weather was so fantastic that it was hard to justify entering any buildings. We even spent Christmas day reading and picnicking in a park.

christmas picnis
Christmas picnic
BA presidential buidling
La Casa Rosada (the presidential mansion and offices)
BA cemetary
La Recoleta Cemetery where you can see the graves of Eva Perón, presidents of Argentina and Nobel Prize winners
BA Flower
A pause in front of Floralis Generica…this sculpture actually closes in the evenings and “blooms” every morning
Buenos Aires Charcutrie
One of the many charcuterie plates consumed…

If you’ve had a glass of Malbec recently it probably came from Mendoza, in Argentina’s wine region. Our guidebook really talked up Mendoza. We had a good time here but the only photos we took were while biking along the wine route. Most of them were closed for the week between Christmas and New Year’s, but we had fun anyway!

Mendoza bike ride

Mendoza Bikes:Vineyard

Mendoza Wine Barrels
At Viña el Cerno vineyard and winery

The several days spent in San Carlos de Bariloche were my favorite of the trip. Bariloche is likened to a Swiss village, probably because the town is filled with stone and lumber houses, complete with shutters and bright flower boxes (there are tons of chocolate shops as well). The area is surrounded by lakes and mountains. One of my favorite days was spent traveling the Route of the Seven Lakes, a 110km stretch of road through the patagonian forest which-you guessed it—leads you past seven major lakes.

Route of the 7 Lakes
Along the Route of the Seven Lakes

7 lakes waterfall

Bariloche lake sunset
Nahuel Huapi Lake in San Carlos de Bariloche
Mount Tronador and the Black Glacier

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  1. Oh my gosh, these photos are gorgeous!! I do see the European semblance in them too. How cool! Your trip looks about perfect…I like the wandering around take on things, as opposed to checking off just the major sites. Oh, and I WANT CHIVITO

    1. Thank you!! Cody was adamant that he was able to approve his photos before I stuck them up. And you definitely need to try the chivito…but probably only after the little one is in bed because you’ll need to be still to digest!

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