Here’s a quick list of blog posts by date. Posts that have to do with travel or are trip recaps have an asterisk (*).

February 2018

The grocery guide – All about food shopping in Madrid

Five big dumb myths about travel

January 2018

Eight ways Madrid will change you for life

How to eat like a local – The when and what of Spanish mealtimes

Coming to grips with my “Americanness”

What no one tells you about expat marriage

December 2017

Expats and New Year’s resolutions

More than just Christmas – Everything you need to know about the holidays in Madrid

FYIs for your Spanish pharmacy visit

November 2017

Expat advice: When you’re not home for the holidays

An insider’s guide for long distance BFFs

Keep your glass half full: Why expats should be cultivating positivity

October 2017

A brb message from No Longer Native

September 2017

Seven reasons the Spanish stay slim (even while eating all that ham)

Free Colombia expat guide

The importance of being a good traveler and 5 ways to do it

Where to do happy hour from Naked Madrid

August 2017

Life lessons and a kind of love letter to Colombia

A dog’s guide to Madrid 

Musings from a reformed reluctant traveler

July 2017

Five things to know about August in Madrid

Having confidence in your changing expat identity

Expat advice: Keep those rose-colored glasses handy

June 2017

Six months later: Checking in from Madrid

Fighting indifference and fear on World Refugee Day

Four questions to ask before moving your pets abroad

May 2017

Europe’s top expat city? Madrid!

Bad expat behavior: Three things to stop doing to start adjusting

Ten ways a second language can make you look like an idiot

Three reasons to reconsider a return visit

March 2017

Manhattans in Madrid: Four spots for well-crafted cocktails

Moving past the “settled-in” slump

Why being “settled” is bittersweet

February 2017

An American’s guide to yoga in Madrid

9 things Americans take for granted

How to become a “carry-on only” traveler

A few things to know before moving to Madrid

January 2017

Spanish lessons from a former Bogotana

Celebrating Día de los Reyes Magos

Happy New Year! (and some updates from No Longer Native)

December 2016

Keeping an open heart

Three reasons you need other expats

November 2016

Four reasons to visit Europe in winter

Three tips to get the most out of long term visits

Recommended Read: The Curated Closet

October 2016

The perks of downsizing: Why I loved our micro-kitchen

When your own culture catches you off guard

Expat advice for the short-term assignment

Baby steps and big decisions

September 2016

The emotional lag of leaving

Hello again from No Longer Native!

June 2016

A Summer Siesta

No Longer Native is moving…kind of

May 2016

Expat advice: The key to a happy expat life

The truth behind an expat’s social media.

Is expatting better than long-term travel?

April 2016

Ciudad Perdida: The ‘Lost City’ of Teyuna, Part II*

Ciudad Perdida: The ‘Lost City’ of Teyuna, Part I*

NoLongerNative on the web: Some honorable mentions

Flavors of Bogotá Coffee Shop Tour

March 2016

What not to wear in Bogota

Is expat life a shortcut to happiness?

Check out the changes on

Reverse culture shock is a thing.

February 2016

Little ways I’ll always be Bogotana

Recommended Read: Knocked Up Abroad

January 2016

Does tourism ruin everything? It doesn’t have to.

La Isla Baru: A few tips for a great trip*

The lies you tell yourself before moving abroad

Sweet escape: The José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden

December 2015

Interview with Abroad Podcast

How to party like a Colombian? Chiva!

Recommended Read: Living in Bogotá

Don’t miss in December: Expoartesanías and Día de las Velitas

November 2015

Why no one needs Narcos

A perfect wedding in paradise.

Expat resources—for Bogotá and beyond

Expat advice: Remembering how to make friends

Keeping friendships after you move abroad

October 2015

See you in November!

A conversation about class

September 2015

Cultural lessons…from the gym

Sembrando Confianza: Organic eats with a social impact

Learning Spanish, Part II: Practical Advice

NoLongerNative is on FaceBook

Learning Spanish, Part I: How it feels

August 2015

Expat advice: Breaking out of the ‘bubble’

Adventures in eating, the Colombia edition

Dealing with Distance

An ode to micro-empresas

July 2015

Five days, four friends and one World Wonder: Our trip to Machu Picchu*

Cristal Artesanal – Handblown glass in Bogotá

Don’t let fear make you practical.

Andrés Carne de Res: A Bogotá institution

Interview on

June 2015

Summer…otherwise known as the expat exodus

Ciclovía: More than a good ride

Palomino – Perfection*

Recommended Read: A Moveable Marriage

May 2015

Villa de Leyva: A great weekend away*

Bogotá’s best bean? Bourbon Coffee Roasters

Year in Review – A look back from Bogotá

April 2015

A blurb about Humboldt, Church and beautiful Colombia

A bit about hosting (or being!) an international guest

A weekend in Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park*

March 2015

A worthy cause.

Expat advice: How living abroad has changed me

New favorite things…

February 2015

Cartagena and Love in the Time of Cholera*

Expat advice: A few tips on that first visit ‘home’

An expat’s version of home.

Expat advice: Four tips for the happy trailing spouse

Art outside the museum: Bogotá’s Graffiti Tour

January 2015

Expat advice: Packing and shipping

Cevichería Central

A weekend in Salento*

Friendly, happy, open – Things I love about Colombian culture

12 Ways to Minimize Culture Shock

From one expat to another…the truth about culture shock

Amazing Outdoors – The Páramo*

Recommended Read: Travel as a Political Act

Photo Journal: Argentina and Uruguay*

December 2014

Feliz Navidad…y hasta pronto

“They say…” Some misconceptions about Colombia

Expat advice: Research, research, research

Ciclovía: Holiday Edition

Expat advice: Ship now or shop later?

Día de las Velitas

Hello from Bogotá!