Expat Websites and Podcasts:

  •  offers all kinds of things to soon-to-be expats. Most countries have a destination guide with basic information on accommodation, visas, and taxes. Within each specific destinations, there’s also a Q&A forum as well as a blog directory where you can search by location and read blogs from expats who are already living in your area.
  • Tandem Nomads has an incredible podcast for trailing spouses who are interested in starting their own businesses and developing portable careers while living abroad.
  • For lots of practical moving information and helpful checklists, take a look at Expat Info Desk.  They also have a great list of suggested reading for expats of every variety—single, married, with kids and trailing spouses.
  • I’ve referenced Internations multiple times in my posts because they offer tons of articles about the expat experience, city guides and have get-togethers for expat groups all over the world.
  • Meetup is a way to find like-minded people in your city. Fitness classes, language exchanges, writers or music—whatever your hobby, interest or language I’m sure you can find something here.

Resources specific to Madrid, Spain:

  • Cheap in Madrid is just that—what’s cheap in Madrid. It has a great scoop on everything, from the best Italian meals under 15€ to keeping you posted on the details of weekly events.
  • Naked Madrid will keep you updated on the newest restaurants and happenings in the city. It also has an awesome search-by-neighborhood feature.
  •  Girl Gone International, Madrid can be found on both FaceBook and Meetup (events posted are the same). It’s an awesome place for women to meet other women who love to travel and have similar interests.

Resources specific to Bogotá, Colombia:

  •’s Colombia destination guide has tons of practical information for expats moving to Colombia.
  • Living in Bogotá is a guide specifically for expats, full of recommendations and answers to questions that inevitably bubble up for future Bogotanos.
  • American Women’s Club of Bogotá (which, despite its name includes women of all nationalities) is a fantastically diverse group of women all sharing the expat experience to some degree. Besides access to advice and activities, a main purpose of the club is to support a group of vetted charities in Bogotá and are more than happy to connect new members with opportunities.
  • The City Paper and The Bogota Post are English language newspapers in Bogotá which cover current events and community life, as well as insightful editorials.
  • Degusta, aka the Yelp of Colombia. We used it all the time before eating somewhere new.