About the blog

No Longer Native is an expat blog from me, Danielle, an American ‘trailing wife’ currently living in Madrid, Spain. It is not a travel blog. An expat’s perspective is different from traveling—instead of going out and returning home, you uproot and move your entire life.  Here you’ll find a combination of thoughts and advice on this lifestyle, mixed with location-specific insights and resources.

The name No Longer Native comes from the idea of being outside your home culture, which is incredible and incredibly hard at the same time. My intent is that the tone and content of the blog reflect both sides because it’s completely possible to be marveling at your cool new life while crying inside because your friends back home aren’t texting as much as they used to.

Each time we move I learn something new and it’s my hope that No Longer Native can be a resource for anyone facing a similar life change, regardless of which part of the world you’re calling home.


About Danielle & Cody

I write the blog, but I’m only half of a very important team! My husband Cody and I met and married in San Diego, California. Neither of us had traveled much until 2008 when we spent three weeks making our way from Rome to Venice—travel has been our biggest passion ever since.

After ringing in the new year with strangers in Paris, going without dinner in Ein Gedi, and some questionable hostel beds in Cairo, we realized that a couple weeks a year would never be enough. That’s when we decided that to live somewhere outside the U.S. was the next step. Lucky for us Cody’s company was expanding internationally and he accepted a two-year work assignment in Bogotá, Colombia, where we lived from May 2014-June 2016.

In June of 2016, we began a short-term assignment in Madrid, Spain. That short-term opportunity became long-term and we are very happy to be living in Madrid at least until the end of 2018.


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