Hello again from No Longer Native!


Last we spoke Cody and I were headed to Madrid for a few months while he was working on a short-term assignment. The past few months had been so busy and our scheduled time in Spain was so short that I decided to take a break from blogging.

If you thought I spent this summer in Cervecería Alemana, sitting under a picture of Ernest Hemingway and drinking sangria, you wouldn’t exactly be wrong. But I did other things too, including a lot of thinking about where I’m going with No Longer Native.

Firstly, I hope you like the new look! The inspiration for No Longer Native’s name came from being outside one’s home culture, and I wanted the visual theme to reflect that as well. I thought the idea of passport stamps nicely captured the physical impermanence of expat life.

Stepping away from writing for a bit also gave me some time to focus on content. I spent a lot of time looking back at this blog, as well as reading others from fellow expats, travelers, and wanderers of all sorts. It was a good opportunity to refocus on what I want to write about and to let you know what you can continue to expect from No Longer Native.

An Expat’s Perspective. Expat life is full. Period. For every opportunity and incredible experience, there is a challenge or hardship and each type of assignment, geography and move bring another lesson. That said, the primary focus of No Longer Native will continue to be on expat life from the trailing partner’s perspective, whether it’s about maintaining relationships from 3,000 miles away or adjusting to a minuscule kitchen.

Location Specific Resources. Many of you have stumbled upon this blog by way of expat directories, looking for information and insights for a particular place. Each time I settle somewhere new I’ll continue to share resources, places and favorite things about my new city.

Bits of Travel. I read a lot of travel blogs and realized this is not a travel blog. But, expats travel a lot and there will inevitably be travel-y type posts from time to time. Expect advice on why it’s great to travel light, thoughts on why you should consider travel in the off-season or posts about places with an interesting story behind them.

I’m very glad to be back. I’m also glad you’re reading. Here’s to another year and another adventure.



A special thanks to Stephanie Simmons Design for No Longer Native’s new custom font and header.

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